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It’s Never Fair, Always True Signed CD


JAWNY’s anticipated debut album, It’s Never Fair, Always True, is a raucous, wild rush that traces all the twists & turns of life and love in its purest moments; a series of genuine, intricate stories about a boy falling in and out of love. The doomed tale unfolds as JAWNY weaves his way through the uncertainty against a milieu of ballads, larger than life anthems, technicolor melodies, a collaboration with Grammy® award-winning artist Beck and much more.


  1. intro
  2. strawberry chainsaw
  3. lalala
  4. wide eyed
  5. adios
  6. take it back (feat. Beck)
  7. death is a dj
  8. giving up on you
  9. true
  10. everything
  11. fall in love
  12. i look better when i’m in love
  13. selfish hate

Limited to 4 per customer.