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El Padrinito Toys

[ ARTIST COLLECTION ]El Padrinito Toys

El Padrinito Toys, whose name is Samuel Ibarra Aispuro, was born August 9th, 2006. Although he is from Mesa, AZ, his family comes from Mexico. It was a stroke of luck that, one afternoon in 2022, his friends from the music band Legión RH invited him to record a cover for the song El Chamán. When the cover leaked online, it became an immediate hit. In the past year he has released a big amount of singles and collaborations. Even so, for those who want to know more about his life and story, he has a couple of recommendations. “Hágase hombre, with Oscar Maydon, and Aquí estaré. Those are songs which capture part of my life”. Today, aside from finishing school and learning guitar (“I want to learn the chords before trying to learn tololoche”), El Padrinito Toys is focusing in his live performances and his first album, which he hopes to release by the end of 2024.