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Denim Tears and Our Legacy are pleased to announce TUPAC TEARS LEGACY, a launch of a collaboration developed together with the Shakur Estate.

Transcending time through the power of music and style, this collaboration with Denim Tears and Our Legacy is an engineered and repurposed framework of a historic moment in both fashion and hip-hop. A celebration of the life of Tupac, Denim Tears founder, Tremaine Emory’s approach to conception and creation would suffice to suggest that his work is not owned by time, rather that it’s timeless. This collaboration is a symbol of authenticity, of rebellion and the sheer power of music. Tupac’s distinctive and personal identity through clothing has served to influence countless artists and designers during an era that can often appear unkind in commemorating permanence.

Merging inspiration from Tupac’s laid-back approach to denim, the collection features the Denim Tears and Levi’s signature 501 and trucker jacket, this time silver studded.

Through Our Legacy ́s custom silhouettes and fabrics we find a reimagined reiteration of the icon’s leather ensembles, printed shirts, hockey jerseys, engineer boots, and a velvet suit.


 [ Courtesy of Denim Tears ]