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The Sundays - Reading, Writing And Arithmetic Hi-Fi Vinyl

Originally released in 1990 on Geffen Records, the debut album by The Sundays features their breakout single, “Here’s Where The Story Ends”.  Now available on an "Interscope Hi-Fi" 180gm black vinyl pressing. Mastered form the original analog tapes.

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1. Skin & Bones (Side A)
2. Here’s Where The Story Ends (Side A)
3. Can’t Be Sure (Side A)
4. I Won (Side A)
5. Hideous Towns (Side A)
6. You’re Not The Only One I Know (Side B)
7. A Certain Someone (Side B)
8. I Kicked A Boy (Side B)
9. My Finest Hour (Side B)
10. Joy (Side B)