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Cat Stevens - Tea For The Tillerman Limited Edition 180 Gram Mint Color LP

Tea for the Tillerman is arguably Cat Stevens’ best known and most cherished album. Originally released in November 1970, the album was Cat’s second LP of the year.

Building on the sound that had been so well received on Mona Bone Jakon, TFTT saw Cat reunite with producer and former Yardbird Paul Samwell-Smith, as well as with guitarist Alun Davies, to bring us some his most loved songs.

“Where Do The Children Play?," “Wild World," and “Father And Son” continue to resonate more than 50 years later, and for good reason thanks to their subject matter, heartfelt lyrics and timeless melodies.

Tea for the Tillerman is presented here using the 2020 Remastered audio, on 180 gram Mint Green vinyl for the very first time.

1. Where Do The Children Play?
2. Hard Headed Woman
3. Wild World
4. Sad Lisa
5. Miles From Nowhere 

1. But I Might Die Tonight 
2. Longer Boats
3. Into White
4. On The Road To Find Out
5. Father and Son
6. Tea For The Tillerman

Limited to 4 per customer.