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'Rx' Digital Album

Role Model

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Rx is the debut album from Role Model, aka Tucker Pillsbury. In this dynamic debut, he continues to explore his pop sensibilities while playing with themes of love, healing, and religion – and ultimately, the power of a woman. As Role Model, he assembles, disassembles, and reassembles different vibes, sounds, and emotions into his work. One moment, he’s crooning about his crush’s earrings over crunchy chords. The next, he’s spitting bars about staying home. Either way, the intimacy of his songwriting beckons connection.


1. die for my bitch
2. who hurt you
3. forever&more
4. save a seat
5. if jesus saves, she's my type
6. masturbation song
7. neverletyougo
8. stripclub music
9. life is funny
10. can you say the same
11. rx

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