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Interscope Records

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Vinyl

Billie Eilish

"Billie Eilish’s debut studio album far exceeded the pre-release hype surrounding the star. With an overtly young fanbase and at only 17 years old herself, Eilish created a cohesive sound that captures the hopes and fears of an entire generation all from the bedroom of her childhood home. Generally characterized as pop, I would go so far as to describe this album as the perfect anti-pop. It’s disruptive, shifting between genres and ultimately helping Eilish further distance herself from pop’s status quo. To me this album symbolizes a significant marker in pop music born in a digital era and will undoubtedly inspire what we hear from new and established artists going forward."

- Macie Spear & Jannet Talat


1. !!!!!!!
2. bad guy
3. xanny
4. you should see me in a crown
5. all the good girls go to hell
6. wish you were gay
7. when the party’s over

8. 8
9. my strange addiction
10. bury a friend
11. ilomilo
12. listen before i go
13. i love you
14. goodbye