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Interscope Records

Limited Edition Lost at Sea LP

Rob Grant

Ships on June 9, 2023

Rob Grant presents his stunning debut album, Lost At Sea. An accidental recording artist, Grant has never had a lesson on any instrument in his life. But when he sits down at a piano, something magical happens. Notes flow from him and out pours composition after composition. The father of international icon Lana Del Rey, he enlisted an array of talent to contribute to the making of the album. Features and writing credits include his daughter Lana Del Rey, while production credits include Jack Antonoff, Luke Howard, Laura Sisk, and Zach Dawes.

Side A
1. Moon Rise over the Ocean
2. Setting Sail on a Distant Horizon
3. Lost at Sea (feat. Lana Del Rey)
4. The Texture of Dreams
5. The Poetry of Wind and Waves
6. A Beautiful Delirium
7. Deep Ocean Swells
8. My Deep Blue Dream

Side B
1. Reflections of Light on Water
2. In the Dying Light of Day: Requiem for Mother Earth
3. A Delicate Mist Surrounds Me
4. The Mermaids’ Lullaby
5. Song of the Eternal Sea
6. Hollywood Bowl (feat. Lana Del Rey)

Limited to 4 per customer