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Nelly Furtado - Whoa, Nelly! Limited Edition Deluxe 2LP

Nelly Furtado

Whoa, Nelly! is the debut studio album by Nelly Furtado. Originally released in 2000, the double-platinum album produced 4 major singles: the Grammy-nominated “I’m Like A Bird,” “Turn Off The Light,” “Shit On The Radio (Remember The Days),” and “Hey, Man!” Nelly Furtado wrote and produced every track on the album, which is now available on vinyl for the first time. This special-limited edition 2LP is pressed on cotton candy pink and orange peel color vinyl with alternate artwork.

Side A
1. Hey, Man!
2. Shit On The Radio (Remember The Days)
3. Baby Girl
4. Legend
5. I'm Like A Bird

Side B
1. Turn Off The Light
2. Trynna Finda Way
3. Party
4. Well, Well
5. My Love Grows Deeper Part 1

Side C
1. I Will Make U Cry
2. Scared Of You
3. Onde Estas
4. I'm Like A Bird (Acoustic Version)

Side D
1. Turn Off The Light - Timbaland Full Mix Version (feat. Ms. Jade & Timbaland)
2. Shit On the Radio (Remember The Days) - Dan The Automator Mix Version
3. Party (Reprise)
4. My Love Grows Deeper - Non LP Version

Limited to 4 per customer.