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Interscope Records

The Mark, Tom and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back!) Vinyl 2LP



1. Dumpweed (Live/1999)
2. Don't Leave Me (Live/1999)
3. Aliens Exist (Live/1999)
4. Family Reunion (Live/1999)
5. Going Away To College (Live/1999)
6. What's My Age Again? (Live/1999)
7. Dick Lips (Live/1999)
8. Blow Job (Live/1999)
9. Untitled (Live/1999)
10. Voyeur (Live/1999)
11. Pathetic (Live/1999)
12. Adam's Song (Live/1999)
13. Peggy Sue (Live/1999)
14. Wendy Clear (Live/1999)
15. Carousel (Live/1999)
16. All the Small Things (Live/1999)
17. Mutt (Live/1999)
18. The Country Song (Live/1999)
19. Dammit (Live/1999)
20. Man Overboard
21. Shut Up and Play a Song (Live)